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Import Sample Processing
Process import supplier quotes into an evaluation ready data format that can be incorporated into the client’s existing database.  The Synchronized Information Management System (SIMS) is a licensed software application process currently under development that performs the transfer of quotes into an evaluation ready format. 

Product Preparation

Provide input when needed into the new item specifications for packaging requirements and specialty packaging options, color options, and CPSIA safety compliance including tracking information when necessary. Provide assistance with catalog planning, layout decisions, and catalog construction review process.

Inventory Management

Conduct daily inventory status review and provide weekly suggestions for re-order quantities.  Interim suggestions will be provided as needed. Provide requisition documents for purchase order processing.
Conduct weekly review of inventory issues that require attention or action.  Provide suggestion for action as needed.

Provide monthly training workshops to educate buying group on current requirements, upcoming changes, and proposed direction of the CPSIA.  Interim sessions will be provided should events occur that require more immediate discussions. Offer product evaluation as needed to assist in the determination of the testing requirements. Assist in establishing additional testing practices. Provide recommendations for implementing random testing schedules and methods for monitor compliance. Provide assistance with testing applications and testing quotation evaluation as need.

Systems and Procedures

Provide assistance in analyzing current systems and procedures and provide recommendations for improvements where needed.

Bay Consulting provides the client with the ability to utilize the knowledge, expertise, and forethought of a partner that fully understands and appreciates the needs of its client.  Bay Consulting can utilize this knowledge to provide the Client with systems and services that can generate immediate and long-lasting results.
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